We are a 100% Mexican company with 13 years experience in manufacturing office furniture with quality standards. ? ? Our raw materials are first rate. the forward lines are versatile , ergonomic , stylish and contemporary , we have a wide variety of models and finishes, ensuring the needs of the client, design and equipment of productive spaces.
Avante is committed to the customer , with the flexibility to offer a quality product according to their specific needs , with satisfaction guarantee that has characterized the market experience provider .
We offer :
Office Furniture and School .
Modular Office Systems .
Chairs , benches and sofas for different job levels .
Storage Systems .
Consulting and design of productive spaces .
And advisory services projects : administrative and architectural planning of furniture , art, planning of production facilities, furniture design and integration of structural elements.

Mission: to fully meet the needs of comfort, functionality and elegance, designing and manufacturing office furniture of the highest quality.

Vision: To achieve a position in the national market for office furniture, be ever vigilant and committed to meet the requirements of our customers.

Commitment: always offer furniture made ​​from the finest raw materials and highest quality standards.

Quality: to satisfy and always meet the expectations of our customers.

Teamwork: set the same goal and be supported by peers, to give the same result.

Customer focus: to advise the client at all times, for the optimal design of your project.

Creativity and Innovation: constantly looking for new ideas, to create and improve our furniture.